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Hello there! My name is Amber Cortes. I’m a writer, producer and sound artist currently living in Seattle.

I make radio pieces, write about interesting stuff and people, and occasionally create transmission-based sound and video installation art projects.

I’m going to grad school for digital media here.

I’ve perfected the art of omelette-making.

I like dresses with pockets, dessert coffee, nerds, being an Instagram artiste, going to flea markets, reading, mad podcasts, traveling, anything analog.

I just got this super-rad vintage Suzuki Omnichord and I’m learning to play songs on it.

I am abundantly contact-able through a variety of social media networking channels on the internets. Find / follow / friend me if so inclined.

I think that’s all for now.


Here is a picture of a couple baby alpacas wearing sweaters:



Ok, that is all.


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